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rosco_6502 r4 (Full Kit!)

rosco_6502 r4 (Full Kit!)

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Join the 8-bit revolution with rosco_6502 - our newest old computer designed for experimentation, education and hacking ❤️.

Featuring an 8-bit 6502 processor running at 10MHz, 528KB RAM, 8KB ROM (expandable to 32KB) and advanced IO capabilities thanks to the on-board XR68C681 dual UART, the rosco_6502 is easy to build and lots of fun to hack on.

With our open-source firmware with built in ROM monitor, SD card support and ability to send files via serial, the rosco_6502 is ready to hack on just as soon as you've soldered it up!

Note: actual PCB colour may vary.

Note: This product is brand new, and we're always adding new features -An EEPROM programmer is recommended to get the most out of your rosco_6502! 🥳

Note: Shipping may be a little slower than normal while we ramp up production (it really is that new!)


  • WDC65C02S 8-bit CPU
  • 528KB RAM
  • 8KB Flash ROM (Up to 32KB supported)
  • On-board UART (115200 BPS as standard)
  • SD Card support (requires 5V Arduino-compatible SD adapter, not supplied)
  • Expansion connector with CPU signals for hacking!
  • Serial bootloader firmware loads .hex file programs
  • Example programs and quick-start code for your own!

Order the parts, grab your soldering iron, and join in the fun of putting your own computer together!

Who can build this?

The rosco_6502 is designed to be easy to solder, and no special skills or equipment are needed! Simply grab a regular (ideally temperature-controlled) soldering iron, some solder (we like lead-free 0.6mm diameter) and have at it!

  • All-through-hole design, only basic soldering skills required
  • 4-layer PCB so there's plenty of space around components, no fiddly bits
  • High-quality solder mask and tented vias reduce the risk of hard-to-spot bridges

All components are brand-new and of the very highest-quality.

What else do I need?

In addition to the base PCB and components and soldering gear, we recommend the following:

  • Serial to USB (FTDI) converter to connect your rosco_6502 to your PC
  • USB to Dupont power lead (can be easily made at home from any USB cable)
  • Multimeter for debugging
  • EEPROM programmer (Required if pre-programmed ROMs and glue logic options are not selected)

When hacking on the rosco_6502, we find the following useful:

  • Logic analyser for testing and development
  • Solderless breadboards and jumper wires
  • Arduino, or other MCU

What about software?

Just like the hardware, the firmware and software for the rosco_6502 are open source, and we're constantly improving and adding new features to it. You'll find everything you need at including the standard firmware and example programs.

Programs are loaded to the board via serial link, controlled by the built in ROM monitor.

And of course, if you're so inclined, you can completely replace the standard firmware with your own code, giving you total control :)

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